Christina Ernest // sameday edit

今天想與大家分享這作品,這是Christina & Ernest的香港的婚禮,我不能相信,我還有機會去突破現有的拍攝手法。這是我所參加過在我的生命中最神奇的婚禮之一。在我個人看來,如果有機會希望一個又一個接著來。

As I was going through some of my works to find one I’d like to share with you today, I stumbled upon this album of Christina & Ernest ’s Hong Kong’s wedding and I can not believe that I haven’t shared this one. It’s one of the most magical weddings I have ever attended in my life. It’s, in my personal opinion, how all parties should be done. It’s the kind of wedding I’d like to have if I ever get a chance to do another one.


Video by Chankai Vision
Photos by
Make beaute wedding make-up by Bart Ko
Venue at Four Seasons Hotel

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