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We love filming around the world



We travel around the world, wherever he went, including Sydney, Amsterdam, Venice, Sweden, Paris, London, Venice, Barcelona, Rome, Prague, Switzerland in order to get a better location to create a more beautiful movie, excellence;footprints all over the world.



If you heart Sisi eager to shoot a the offsite style movie, please contact us immediately. Do not hesitate to get a period so that the opportunity of your lifetime movie, only if you want to, we can have!

If you have booked a photographer overseas wedding photos, I can be at the same time in the next video shooting.

Oversea Schedule:

March Kyoto, Osaka, Sydney
April Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai
May-June Lijiang, Rome, Venice, Sweden, Barcelona, Amsterdam
July-August Prague, Paris, Venice, Bali
September Phuket, Kuala Lumpur
October Taiwan

三月 京都、大阪、悉尼
四月 台灣、北京、上海
五月-六月 麗江、羅馬、瑞典、巴塞隆拿、阿姆斯特丹
七月-八月 布拉格、巴黎、威尼斯、峇里島
九月 布吉、吉隆玻
十月 台灣

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Fiona & Dan // Pre-wedding MV

Kiki & Samson // Sameday edit

christine.wayne // sameday edit

Kirsten & Kelvin I Treaser

They are Kirsten & Kelvin, we tried new shooting style. 這是我們一些新的嘗試.

Piece – 01

Emily + Ivan A Love Story | Concept Video

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TVC of Leaf Walker