Bra Bra x Facebook // concept slideshow

Bra Bra!!


Eliza & Jason childhood video

Chankai Vision tells you:
“photo slide show doesn’t limit to computerized animation!”
Let’s back to basic!!! Handmade is our favourite!
Tell us your story, we’ll make the EXCLUSIVE video for you~

Without attempt, nothing is possible!

It’s a very funny project. We added many new elements in it with many new attempts.

After serveral meetings, we decided that let’s back to basic!!!

We found that handmade is our favourite.

“photo slide show doesn’t limit to computerized animation!”

All those lovely props were found on the spot.

They are a very nice and friendly couple. They had so many good ideas which gave me so much inspiration.

We enjoyed shooting your childhood video so much!

If you want to have your own childhood video, just tell us your story.

We’ll make the EXCLUSIVE one for you~

Here is the video! You can play on iphone! ENJOY!


What a great motivation!
Thank you very much for the gift. We are so surprised about it.