Sharon and Houston: Brighter than the sun

We received a message by the lovely bride, Sharon, after their big day: “we had a lot of fun!! (: everything turned out perfectly!! Everyone loved the video!! (: ” She said she had watched the video no less than 20 times.

The charming groom, Houston, also left us a feedback: “It is truly spectacular. Hats off to you and your crew, you guys are incredible. People have asked who did the video and we have referred them to you. We will definitely find you again for future events.”

Their words of thanks pretty much summed up the vision of our company: to shoot videos that the couple and their guests truly enjoy, sincerely proud of and would love to watch over and over again. Our passion burns from seeing the smiles radiate from the couple and the guests, they are really brighter than the sun.

怎樣才算是一條精彩的婚禮短片?最簡單的回答是:它會令新人和他們的朋友重看又重看,每次看都仍然感到喜悅、自豪。Sharon和Huston在婚宴過後,給我們的感謝Message,說他們重看這短片不下20遍 (其實我也看了不下10遍, 哈!),就讓我們知道這次拍攝目標已完成。


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