Chankai Sharing – Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Taipei, Kaohung Seminar

Chankai in July was invited to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan held throughout workshops, in-depth CHANKAI style, imagine your recording career to reach a new level, review the skills necessary to understand CHANKAI movie creation process, even the most weary photographer, you’ll get to inspire and motivate.

Chankai 於7月份獲邀到中國,香港,台灣各地舉行工作坊,深入CHANKAI風格,想像您的攝錄生涯能達到一個新的水平,重溫必要的技能,了解 CHANKAI 影片的創建過程,即使是最疲憊的攝影師,都會得到鼓舞和激勵。




July 24, 2013 – Guangzhou Wedding Videographer SeminarTime: 1600-1830 (of 2.5 hours)Venue: Guangzhou Baiyun Convention CenterPrice: $800 (RMB) 廣州婚禮錄影分享會 – 2013年07月24號下午1600﹣1830 (共2.5小時)活動地點:廣州白雲會議中心價錢:$ 800 (RMB)
July 27, 2013 – Taipei Wedding Videographer SeminarTime: 14:00-17:00 (3 hours) XXXXXXXXXVenue: West on the 27th MINQUAN 8F 1Price: $1500 (NT)(TBC) 2013年07月27號 ﹣台北台北婚禮錄影分享下午14:00﹣17:00 (共3小時)活動地點:台北市民權西路27號8樓之1價錢:$ 1500(NT) (待定)
July 29, 2013 – Kaohsiung Wedding VideographerSeminarTime: 1700-1900 (2 hours)Venue: TBCPrice: $1500 (NT) (TBC) 2013年07月29號﹣高雄高雄婚禮錄影分享下午17:00﹣19:00 (共2小時)活動地點:待定價錢:$ 1500 (NT) (待定)
July 30, 2013 – Hong Kong Wedding Videographer SeminarTime: 14:00-17:00 (3 hours)Venue: West on the 27th MINQUAN 8F 1Price: $800 (HKD) 2013年07月30日﹣香港香港婚禮錄影分享會下午1930﹣2100(共2.5小時)活動地點:香港灣仔價錢:HK$ 800 (HKD)


Activities: Chankai hope that through this sharing will introduce the concept of basic wedding photography, as well as equipment to introduce simple technology demonstration, and finally introduce special shooting creativity and experience!


Speaker Biographer:

Chankai learning video production is adopted because the father, and steeped in the arts for many years, and the creative potential of the practice itself in an advertising firm to open Shao, 2003 contact wedding photography, obsessed with this. His works pour more important than attempt willing to jump out of the general confines of different travel elements into the wedding video production to make different aspects of the experiment, much celebrated in recent years, multi-sector recognition and awards

2012 Most award of videographer in Hong Kong

2011 Song wedding videographer running up

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2012 香港婚禮攝錄,得獎最多的製作人





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