Chankai Workshop – Handheld Shooting

Expect a public workshop will be held July Chankai are starting, the first one for handheld skills workshops, and if so you have a certain know about videographer knowledge, but want to improve themselves through this workshop portable shooting skills and exploring shoot your own deeper potential, this workshop, Chankai will introduce you to “one kind of violation by many photographers forget skill, one kind is considered sensual and casual screen with touch, with humanity, with mobility skills.


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This workshop will be held July May the 7th and the 22nd, is divided into two, a total of four hours, first introduced handheld shooting characteristics and quickly master the techniques, demonstration by the Chankai personally, and the other will be set up internships, skilled technique, in the second quarter by the Chankai personally provide guidance and recommendations for improvement. For any inquiries or to register, please email to

Course Content:

Section 1
– Self-introduction and decades of experience sharing
– Videographers will learn not overreach and the available bit handheld mirror movement
– Body swing and how to use the body with the environment, and even shoot walk way
– Skills demonstration above
– “Chakverite” “Record Act” This is a shot of methods of expression, mainly refers to distance shooting people and things in order to keep the film’s authenticity

Section 2
– One to one coaching and skills improvement
– Pointed out areas for improvement so that students can have the direction of improved shooting skills
– Depth chankai shipped mirror thinking, film style and fashion trends
– “KaideoScope” This is a shooting technique is even an ordinary thing, as long as the use of the unique shooting style plus editing skills so as to achieve a dreamy effect screen


此工作坊貫徹chankai對器材”less is more”的觀念

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 2.31.10 AM第一節
– 自我介紹 及 十年來的經驗分享
– 錄影師必學的持機姿勢 ; 可用手持鏡位運動- 身體擺動 ; 如何利用身體配合環境,甚至拍攝走位方式
– 現場示範以上技巧- “Chakverite” “實錄法“ 這是拍攝的表達手法,主要是指與拍攝的人與物保持距離以保持影片的真實性

– 一對一指導 及 技巧改良
– 指出能改善的地方令學員有方向地改善拍攝技巧
– 深入chankai運鏡思維,影片風格及潮流動向
– KaideoScope 這是一種拍攝的技巧,是指即使是普通的事物,



Date: July 7 and 22,
Time :1900-2100 (2 days total of 4 hours)
Venue: Hong Kong
Price: $ 2500 (HKD), early bird price: HKD$ 2000 (before 7/6)
Quota: 15

時間:1900﹣2100 (2日共4小時)
價錢:$2500(HKD),如提早一個月參加價錢為$2000(before 7/6)



Speaker Biography
Chankai learning video production is adopted because the father, and steeped in the arts for many years, and the creative potential of the practice itself in an advertising firm. In 2003 first contact wedding photography and then obsessed with this. His works pour to try and would willing to jump out of the general confines of different travel elements into the wedding video production to make different aspects of the experiment, much celebrated in recent years, multi-sector recognition and awards


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