Cecil & Drink: Layers of Love

When Cecil and Drink invited us to produce a package of videos for them, we were more than happy to oblige. Their requests include a Same-day edit, a love story concept video and a special tribute to their parents.

The 3 videos could be seen as separate projects, but also as backbones for each other. They show different dimensions about the couple’s story and characters. We love working on such a project extensity. We could get to know the lovely couple well and deep, and in turn produce videos that best capture their personalities.

We are most impressed by their special effort in giving thanks to their parents and recounting their blessing. It just demonstrates how these two gentle and thankful souls are meant for each other.

我們總共為Cecil 和 Drink製作了三段影片,分別講述他們的愛情故事,向父母致謝和當日的婚禮記錄。我們很喜歡製作這類Package,因為可以與新人有不同的合作機會,有更多空間了解他們的故事。這樣拍出來的影片,才更配合他們的性格,更能捕捉他們的互動。



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