Rate Adjustment

New rate cards will be announced and valid on 1st July 2011. To hold the current rate, please kindly confirm and deposit before 30th June 2011 entitle for the old rate. Thank you.

2011年7月1日開始,Chankai Vision的收費將會作出調整,仍未繳交訂金之客戶請儘快於2011年6月30日完成程序。之前落實訂單之客戶將不會受影響,謝謝!

– Chankai Vision –

One Comment on "Rate Adjustment"

  1. Anne & Rey says:

    Dear Chankai responsible person,

    After watching your Art Work, it is excellent!!! We can sense your mission there !! Great!!!

    Can you send us your rate card? and
    are you avaliable on 12.12.12?


    Anne & Rey

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