Chankai 是位錄像藝術家。
Chankai is a professional videography artist.


He happened to gain a valuable opportunity to work for an advertising firm during his time in school of art which started his videography career. With his talented creativity and outstanding performances, Chankai was gradually assigned to crucial positions, taking charge of many important projects. Leaving the company in 2003, ChanKai marked a milestone in his career by becoming a freelance videographer, specializing himself in video production of wedding rituals.

All-rounded college training in painting, sculpture, engraving, calligraphy, and aesthetic diversity projection has stimulated and inspired him to pursue for the works with artistic and creative, yet individualized power.

童年生活在木柵的一個小康家庭, 週末週日都是在父親的影棚嗅著黑房的藥水味玩耍。曾經擔任二十多年突發社會新聞攝影記者的父親,是他的啟蒙師。父親對掌控多角度抓拍能力的著重,以及工作中培養出來的,對身邊隨時發生的事情的預知能力,都為Chankai奠定了良好的基礎。

His father, a spot news photographer with more than 20-year experience, is his abecedarian. Raised in fairly well-off family in Mu-Cha, Taiwan, Chankai is growing in his father’s studio and darkroom with photo enlargers, film dryer and an array of other tools for film and photo development. Plus, inherited from father, Chankai is acutely insightful to capture every single scene from various angles.


Strong sensation to music, Chankai is able to arrange fraction of memory together to tear people’s heart strings once in touch with the melody. By taking this advantage, his production is musically smooth and consistent in aesthetic sense. Kai said, he is a story teller. Using every single motion picture, appreciators reach his world of art under his lead.