Q1. Is the video output in HD format?
At standard packages, all videos are in FULL HD record and output in DVD.

Q2. Do you provide photography service?
We do not provide photography service, but we can introduce good quality photographers whom we trust and often work with.

Q3. Do you provide service of a half day only?
All of our packages and prices are fixed.

Q4. Does the package include the concept video and photo slide show?
Concept video and photo slide show are not included in the package. Feel free to approach us for further quotations.

Q5. What is the different between Chankai’s team and the second team?
The difference between the second team and Chankai’s team is that the second team has two other videographers (without Chankai).

Q6. Why may have the post production for MV and proposal videos taken for so long?
It is because all the videos are edited by Chankai himself. After the initial editing, we tend to find it seamless. However, once we watch it again after a period of time, we would like to revise some imperfections found . Thus, we will repeat this cycle for several times to ensure our production is maintained in a consistently good quality.

If you are too anxious to wait, you can request for the initial version. But as we believe that the “third cut” is closer to perfection, we would rather prefer to offer works of the best quality we can.

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  1. Fran Lau says:

    想請問一天的 Wedding Video Package 包括什麼服務和多少錢?

  2. koi says:

    想搵你一齊合作做一個WEDDING DAY 既JOB~

  3. Kailin says:

    My colleague Ethel Ng highly recommended you to me. I would like to engage you on my big day on June 1st 2013 for videography, please lemme know your quotation? Our venue is at Bethanie CHapel and Ritz Carlton.
    my mobile is 66833153
    Kailin Chan

  4. Celine says:


  5. Clara says:

    Hello. I would like to ask if you join the wedding expo 2013 (15 March – 17 March)?

  6. ruby says:

    Hi would you please let me know the wedding day video package for chankai and second team
    ? thanks!

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